Logistics company Speditway s.r.o. was founded in 2016. The main field of Speditway s.r.o. is the provision of transport services, transport of bulk commodities and pallet goods between EU member states as well as covering demand in the Czech Republic.

Transportation of bulk materials

We are specialists in the transport of bulk commodities on the national and international market, in EU countries. For each transport, we carefully select the appropriate means of transport according to the criteria specified by customers, the given transported commodity, as well as according to the requirements and method of loading and unloading, i.e. possible height restrictions and other specific requirements. When transporting goods, we follow valid standards.

  • cereals and other agricultural commodities (soy, rapeseed, bran...)
  • feed, fertilizers
  • building materials, road salt, waste
  • soil, solid fuels, coal
  • metal and non-metal scrap
  • sliding floors - up to 93 cbm
  • folding semi-trailers - volume from 45 cbm to 50 cbm
  • collapsible sets
  • three-way tippers
  • silo trucks

Transport of pallet goods

We also provide transport of pallet goods between EU member states. For each transport, we will provide the appropriate means of transport according to the nature and composition of the transported material, according to the hazard class (ADR), the method of loading and unloading, the volume of the load, the transport temperature. We carry out comprehensive transport from full truck shipments to piece shipments.
  • refrigeration and freezing equipment for commercial purposes
  • air conditioners
  • beverages
  • handling technique
  • ceramics
  • transportation of excessive loads.
  • transportation of chilled/frozen goods.
  • transportation of dangerous goods according to the ADR convention.
  • transportation by large-volume semi-trailers, sets.
  • transportation of double-deck semi-trailers.
  • realization of urgent shipments.

Classic canvas trailers - length 13.6 m, height 2.7 m, 33 pallets, 24 tons.

Refrigeration sets - length 13.5 ldm, height 2.6m, 66 pallets, 22 tons.

Refrigerated semi-trailers - length 13.6 ldm, height 2.7 m, 33 pallets, 22 tons.

Low-deck semi-trailers - length 13.6 m, height 3 m, 66 pallet places, 102 cbm, 24 tons.

Also: Tarpaulin and cabinet sets, Solo max up to 12 tons, vans